Rendezvous 2019

This year the Squadron held its August long weekend Rendezvous at the Ladysmith Maritime Society docks (Ladysmith Community Marina) where the excellent facilities were enjoyed. Vessels in attendance included Alpine Fir II, Coast Ranger, Dean Ranger, Forest Ranger II, Maple II, Oak II and Silver Fir. The weekend weather was superb. As always, our vessels were open to the public to give visitors a chance to view some of BC’s coastal heritage. Members enjoyed a Friday night Southern Chicken BBQ under the tent… of the Marina’s regular summer Friday night features where visiting boaters were able to mingle with local residents who came down to the waterfront for this popular event. In addition to visiting between vessels, our event also included a pot-luck supper on the social float, and a short AGM to discuss Squadron matters and next year’s Rendezvous. We hope that 2020 will see us return with our heritage vessels to the Vancouver Maritime Museum where we have been every five years since 1995. Our weekend concluded with the customary group gathering on the side of one vessel (Dean Ranger) for the annual ‘Tilt Test’.                                                       (Photos by Doug Mitchell)


Rendezvous 2018

This year the Squadron reverted to its normal practice of holding its annual Rendezvous over the August long weekend, August 3rd to 6th. Thanks to the City of Richmond, we were hosted at the historic Britannia Heritage Shipyard in Steveston. As our vessels are part of the coastal heritage of BC, our presence fitted in very well with the mission of the Shipyard, and as always, visitors were encouraged to come down and take advantage of the opportunity to visit our vessels. The Shipyard dock staff were very welcoming and looked after our every need. Once again we were blessed with good weather. Due to some unavoidable last minute circumstances, our attending vessel numbers were unfortunately smaller than hoped for this year, but those who did come had a most enjoyable weekend.


Rendezvous 2019 is currently scheduled to be held August 2nd to 5th on Vancouver Island at the Ladysmith Community Marina which is operated by the Ladysmith Maritime Society.


(Photos by Doug Mitchell except where otherwise credited)


Room for all alongside without rafting.





Wally Du Temple photo



Wally Du Temple photo



Wally Du Temple photo                                   “Just look at this mess……damned birds!!’



Wally Du Temple photo



Wally Du Temple photo





Annual ‘Tilt Test’ before departure











Rendezvous 2017


2017 being Canada’s Sesquicentennial year (150th Anniversary of Confederation), the 40th Anniversary of the Victoria Classic Boat Festival and the 25th Anniversary of the Ex-Forest Service Vessel Squadron, we held our annual Rendezvous in Victoria’s Inner Harbour over the Labour Day weekend in conjunction with the Victoria Classic Boat Festival. We are most grateful to the festival dockmaster who kindly reserved for the Squadron an entire finger float at Ship Point so that the attending Squadron vessels could be berthed together as an identifiable group. This greatly assisted us in being able to open our BC coastal heritage vessels to the public. The Squadron was delighted to welcome to our Rendezvous for the first time, Hecate Ranger from Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island WA.
(Photos by Doug Mitchell)
Four of our Squadron vessels enroute from Trial Island to Victoria’s Inner Harbour.
Coast Ranger following astern of Forest Ranger II.


Squadron Vessels at Ship Point float.


Squadron vessels at Ship Point float.
Squadron vessels from across the harbour.
One of our traditions is a pot-luck supper….always an eclectic array of delicious dishes. This one was kindly hosted aboard Hecate Ranger.


We enjoyed perfect weather for the weekend, and still nights in Victoria’s beautiful Inner Harbour.
Another tradition which, on most of our vessels, is referred to as a ’tilt test’. Hecate Ranger was just too big and stable to be ’tilted’, but smiles everywhere!
It always seems a bit of a let-down when the Rendezvous draws to a close and it is time to head home. Hecate Ranger being followed out of harbour by Dean Ranger.


Hecate Ranger heading across to Admiralty Inlet enroute to home port at Eagle Harbor.


Please join us in Ladysmith at the Ladysmith Community Marina  in Ladysmith Harbour.

Saturday July 30 and Sunday July 31.

Most vessels will depart the morning of Monday August 01.

Vessels will be available for boarding 1:00 – 4:00 Saturday and Sunday.

We’re expecting approximately 12 vessels to attend. Subject to change.

Be sure to visit the Ladysmith Community Marina’s  web page:

Bring your kids, cameras and stories. We’re looking forward to seeing you !